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        Corporate Philosophy


        ◆ Enterprising Spirit

        Nissin entrepreneurship is to create. The idea is not imagined out, must be recognized by the market. Recognized by the market, we must make customer satisfaction. Not just limited to this level can be sold. Always consider the customer satisfaction, the new ideas into reality, and made available to the market. Nissin as a manufacturing company, said as the first spirit of enterprise. At the same time for sustained that the company's development and spirit of creation,we must continue to be more and more advanced and master a variety of techniques, a wealth of knowledge and mind. Through the objects created and training of personnel. We say "create" when not only refers to the creation of objects, but to achieve training personnel through the creation.


        ◆ Corporate Philosophy


        ○ To everyone's rich and varied life, to join in the first line creation and education, providing high quality goods and services. 
        ○ Provide new value to customers, so that people around the world happy. 
        ○ Pray for the growth and well-being of each staff member, to achieve the ideal of enterprise large  family.


         Action Principle


        ○ Passion、Action、Vision
        ○ Pooling-of-interest
        ○ Clean, Justice, Graceful


         Corporate Culture

        Nissin Education Products(Kunshan)co., Ltd. is a NISSIN DENTAL PRODUCTS INC Japan wholly owned subsidiary of investment, is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise that combine Japanese advanced technology and management experience with Chinese cultural habits effectively.